About Us

Hunter Jones

“I have a commitment to my customers to offer a healthier tomorrow by contributing to their lifestyle of wellness. As a former professional athlete, I understand the importance of disrupting the status quo and continually pushing the boundaries of who we want to become. Therefore, it is my lifelong passion and mission to partner with people and redefine their lifestyle through healthier eating."

Boston Red Sox 2009

 Hunter Jones, Cafe Express-O (CXO) founder, entrepreneur, and former MLB player applies his ethical business principles and his connect with community to infuse character into every aspect of CXO. His passion for making his best become even better is exemplified through his friendly staff serving: cold brew, Express-O (espresso), infused tea blends, healthy homemade wraps, salads, and sandwiches, and homemade desserts/baked goods that make the perfect meal anytime.  



CXO chose to partner with Pumphouse because of their unique sense for quality and detail. Pumphouse purchases only the best green coffee beans from exotic locations. Each bean is hand selected to ensure a perfect freshness throughout their roasting process. They employ special techniques to develop the flavor, sweetness, and body of their coffee.


We proudly serve nitro tapped Pumphouse Dawn Patrol organic cold brew. Additionally, we have bottles in store for your convenience.  

Career Opportunities


At CXO, being a professional Barista means sharing in a partnership with the CXO crew, our customers, and our community. We live our mission through our partnership in making our best become even better. Our CXO culture promotes diversity and inclusion in our community and beyond. We want you to grow and go forward making your best become even better.